19 June 2024

  • Annual Global Supplier Excellence Awards held at Classic Works Coventry, celebrated the collective contribution and impact of our supply base toward achieving a robust and sustainable global supply chain.
  • Six winners were recognised for their demonstration of JLR’s Creators’ Code values in their daily operations, leading transformation and exceptional delivery over the course of the last year.

18 June 2024, Gaydon, UK: For the eighth year, JLR hosted the annual Global Supplier Excellence Awards, celebrating over 50 of its top strategic suppliers for their impact and contribution towards the company’s most profitable year on record. Six winners were recognised for their extraordinary contribution in cost transformation, operational delivery and sustainability for the business.

JLR celebrated the outstanding achievements of its global supply chain on Tuesday 18 June, which took place at Classic Works with guest host, Amanda Stretton.

It has been an incredible year for JLR and we cannot celebrate such huge success without acknowledging the tangible impact delivered by our fantastic supply base. Last night really was an opportunity to celebrate our very best suppliers, their commitment to JLR, and the hard work which has enabled us as a business to outperform and achieve a new level of success. I have witnessed an overwhelming sense of collaboration and accountability from our suppliers since our last event, which indicates the progress we have made within our global supply chain.

Tobias Moch, JLR Chief Procurement Officer

Following from the previous year, the Supplier Excellence Awards were based on JLR’s Creators’ Code values. This year, along with the five core values (Customer Love; Unity; Integrity; Growth; Impact) to award their top performing suppliers, JLR introduced an additional award; the “Exceptional Creators Award”. This new award was introduced to highlight a supplier who has received nominations across multiple categories and exemplifies outstanding behaviours in all aspects of their work with JLR, fully demonstrating all aspects of the Creator’s Code.

Customer Love rewards suppliers who demonstrate passion and care for clients. Unity rewards suppliers who consistently demonstrate that they work collectively as a single team. Integrity rewards suppliers for their trust by speaking openly and honestly, with respect for others at the forefront of their daily operations. Growth rewards those who proactively take the initiative to facilitate efficiency and change through providing honest feedback, and finally Impact, rewards those who truly make a difference.

Tobias added: The next financial year will be one of true transformation as we strive to deliver our commitments in outstanding customer love, profitable growth and sustainability across our entire enterprise. From value optimisation and a best‑in‑class aftermarket service, to hitting our CO2e targets and embodying our zero‑tolerance policy towards modern slavery, the role that our supply base will play in this journey is crucial.

Tobias Moch, JLR Chief Procurement Officer

Notes to Editors

The winners of the JLR 2024 Supplier Excellence Awards are:

Fuyao Group (CUSTOMER LOVE) – Fuyao, who supply glazing systems, prioritise achieving highest quality levels, promoting creativity, and priding themselves by being transparent, always aiming to do what's right for their customers.  By questioning every decision, understanding and prioritising customer needs, they use data to inform their actions.  Fuyao consistently aim to deliver exceptional value and quality, maintaining customers' trust and loyalty.  Fuyao are also one of the largest contributors, amongst others, helping us on our journey to achieve our sustainability [LD1] targets.

Infineon Technologies (UNITY) ‑ The industry in which Infineon operates has seen unprecedented levels of constraint, but in particular over the last year they have continually supported JLR by maintaining supply across a wide range of products to ensure that we have been able to successfully satisfy our clients' expectations. Protecting our supply chain, Infineon are undoubtedly making a very positive impact in the of the future success of JLR.​

Harman International (INTEGRITY) ‑ Working closely with JLR for several years, Harman continues to demonstrate exceptional collaborative behaviours, keeping transparency throughout processes and interactions to achieve positive outcomes. Through this ongoing close relationship, they have delivered a truly best in class Software Over the Air solution. 

EBZ Group (GROWTH) ‑ Through engineering excellence, high levels of diligence and applying integrity, EBZ were a key enabler in the delivery of JLR’s Solihull ‘body shop uplift program’, which was delivered on time and to the highest quality. EBZ are a highly innovative organisation and have delivered world beating solutions for the production of complex components. They continue to demonstrate a growth mindset and desire to lead development and implementation of complex products.

Fagor Ederlan Group (IMPACT) – Fagor Ederlan continue to be a long term, high performing supplier to JLR.  Their output, behaviours and performance exemplify all principles of the Creators Code. This is evident through their exceptional supply performance and a collaborative approach in knowledge and innovation sharing. This collaboration is progressively helping us work towards our sustainability targets focusing on the challenges and opportunities within aluminium castings. As a co‑operative, Fagor puts people at the heart of what they do. Their care for their employees, their communities and their customers, is apparent and something we at JLR highly value.

Novelis (EXCEPTIONAL CREATORS) ‑ Novelis always approach challenges and opportunities in the spirit of developing and moving the relationship forward. From a sustainability perspective, new alloys have been created with higher recycled content and offered at the same commercial level to fully support JLR’s sustainability targets.​ They go beyond to support JLR’s ambitions, working tirelessly to explore all options. Quality levels are exceptional, and Novelis consistently work collaboratively across the industry to ensure demand is always satisfied, even at short notice. An exceptional supplier in numerous different ways, Novelis fully embody all JLR values outlined in the Creators’ Code.