19 June 2024

  • JLR and Chery sign Letter of Intent to license the Freelander brand to CJLR 1 for creation of electric vehicles in China
  • CJLR will pivot its product range with the rebirth of the Freelander brand, with a new portfolio based on Chery’s EV architecture, manufactured in Changshu
  • The Freelander EV portfolio will be built alongside CJLR’s existing model range, marking a new chapter for the CJLR Joint Venture
  • Freelander will offer a portfolio of electric vehicles for sale in China through a distinct retailer network, destined over time for global export
  • The Freelander portfolio represents complementary growth, which is independent from both Chery’s existing portfolio and JLR’s modern luxury House of Brands

Gaydon, UK – 19 June 2024. Building on their 12‑year relationship and well‑established joint venture, JLR and Chery have signed a Letter of Intent to strengthen CJLR’s product offer for the next era of electrification in China. 

The new model of collaboration leverages fully both parties' complementary strengths – with Chery holding a leading automotive market position in China while JLR has unrivalled heritage and design strength – creating mutually beneficial prospects for the future.

Under the proposed new licensing agreement, the CJLR Joint Venture will pivot to produce an advanced portfolio of electric vehicles based on Chery’s EV architecture, exclusively under the Freelander name. 

Marking the beginning of a new strategic phase for CJLR, Freelander will become a brand reborn under license from JLR as part of a new value creation system independent from both Chery’s existing portfolio and JLR’s modern luxury House of Brands. 

JLR CEO, Adrian Mardell
JLR CEO, Adrian Mardell
Adrian Mardell, JLR’s Chief Executive Officer said:

“Today we are taking this important strategic step for JLR, one which underlines our ongoing commitment to China and complements our existing business in China.  We believe that working together to develop new models of collaboration for the world’s largest and fastest‑growing electric vehicle market, combined with the appeal of the Freelander brand, promises a very exciting future for CJLR.”

Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery Group, commented,

“Chery and JLR are forging an innovative collaboration model that epitomises our growth path for the future. The blend of Chery's advanced EV technology with the distinctive appeal of the Freelander brand will undoubtedly provide China and global consumers with a unique electric vehicle experience.”

Yin Tongyue Chairman of Chery Group
Yin Tongyue Chairman of Chery Group

JLR’s Freelander brand was a Land Rover vehicle which was successfully produced between 1997 – 2015.  It was succeeded by the Discovery Sport in 2016. In reborn CJLR form, Freelander will offer a range of mainstream electric vehicles, initially sold in China through a distinct network but over time destined for global export. 

The vehicles will be designed in collaboration with both Chery and JLR’s Creative teams to create a new positioning in the rapidly growing China mainstream New Energy Vehicle (NEV) market. The products will be built at CJLR’s existing manufacturing facility in Changshu. 

Notes to Editors

CJLR is the 50/50 joint venture of Jaguar Land Rover Ltd and Chery Automobile Company Ltd.


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